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Yo! Here you can find links to various mp3 things....

Download  WINAMP (from NullSoft)...
A really cool mp3 (and many other formats, including xm,  stm, s3m, mod, voc, and of course, wav)  player.  You can also get Skins for Winamp from here.  Some cool skins I happen to have...

Search For MP3 songs...
A fast & good search engine devoted to finding mp3 files for you. Most of the links it shows are active, though connecting to a certain FTP server can take AGES due to the fact that only one login per account is allowed

MP3 Encoders...
There were some MPEG layer 3 encoders available, but since Fraunhoffer IIS etc. started the patenting and other legalities for the format , the Encoders are not (readily) available.
This is due to Fraunhoffer IIS asking for royalty, which most one-person programmers are unable to comply with, so the encoders are becoming unavailable, unless paid for.

NEW STUFF: The VQ format 
Yamaha has come out with a new Audio  Format called the "VQ"  (It has some complex longform, I forget).  This is an enhanced format over the MPEG Layer-3,  so Packs much more in the same space. (eg:  The 128 kBps MP3 file and a 80 kBps VQ file sound the same, but the VQ is smaller due to its lesser bitrate. ) This has been built around the AAC (Advanced Audio Codec, also known as the MPEG-4), so they are much the same.
Also,  the VQ format has been commercially developed, but is ABSOLUTELY FREE (at least they said so, let's see what happens).
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                The VQF official HomePage
   Yamaha  VQF Player (still in beta)
                Winamp  VQF Plugin  (full bundle,  approx. 339546 bytes, 340KB, .34 MB)
                    >>> I ain't got it working YET. (but will be soon, I hope :-)
                          READ THIS FIRST (Before installing the plugin ! ! )
                           Read more about the plugin
                      Get some good songs
e-mail Yo Anyone.. Got any good VQF links? pl. mail me the link here 
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