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This Page is basically meant for you people out there who are in Pune Univ and are fedup with the ***** syllabus.  However, in case you find any of this interesting, check it out.

Pune Univ.  SE Comp. Sem. 1  -  NCPL Assignments (only those I did). (14 PL + 8 NC)

SE Sem. 2   DSF   Assignments list

SE Sem. 2  MicroProcessor Assignment List

SE Sem.2 COBOL Assignments List

How to see C or C++ code directly in your Browser (Netscape Communicator)

Useful  Links to Useful - for - us thingies

>>>                    Motorola Semiconductor Logic Homepage               <<<
"The Great" mastaranni dilelya Datasheets madhe corrections karaila

Netscape Navigator  Netscape Navigator / Communicator  -  get more info
Netscape Communicator Netscape Navigator / Communicator  Direct Download
Modem Drops the line Often?  No Problem!  -  GetRight all downloads (~1MB download)

  Get info about the Cyrix M II  -  300 Processor

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Page Last updated on 17 December 1998.