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This is for All you fellows who don't want to do some serious programming OR whose HDD has crashed recently.

Oh, I know,  I am downloading these just to see what you have done, blah blah blah...

Just Go On,  Download the files -- Part A: PL,   Part B: NCP    END of document

Also, Watch for other cooky things I have done soon...

C Files for SE Comp, Sem. 1 (Pune Univ)

    pl. note.. All these have been compiled using a C++ compiler,  so, if using a C compiler, remove all the C++ code (like a // for a single line comment) before compiling.
  1. Concatenation Of Strings w/o using Header Functions
  2. To run a Palindrome Check on the given string
  3. Insertion Sorting using arrays
  4. Selection Sorting
  5. Recursive generation of a Fibonacci Series
  6. Recursive Binary Search
  7. To return the right n bits of an integer
  8. To Store nos. in a Hash table, using a hash function
  9. Menu Driven Book Database
  10. Menu Driven Student Database
  11. Generation Of Permutations & Combinations  ??? (What is that supposed to be?)
  12. Database of Students' marks
  13. Logical Operators (DUH???  confusing, inst it?)
  14. Implementation of Magic Square
Part B - Numerical Computational Programming
  1. Bisection Method
  2. Newton Raphson Method
  3. Lagrange Interpolation
  4. Newton's Fwd. Diff. Interpolation
  5. Trapezoidal Method of Integration
  6. Gauss Elimination
  7. Gauss Siedel (Lin. Eq. Solutions )
  8. Soln. of ordinary Differential Eqns.  (Modified Euler's Method)
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